123Link has successfully tested and upgraded API Token security features when using the 123Link Plugin, Quick Link, Full Page Script or Developers API

Published on: 4/20/19, 7:27 PM

123Link announced: Update some policies and terms. The members noted.

Published on: 4/19/19, 9:32 PM

123Link introduces the 123Link Plugin in Wordpress
Why use this plugin? What does the 123Link plugin have?
- Not blocked by Adblock, will earn more views.
- Easy to configure and use.
... and many more features in the future ...

Published on: 7/6/18, 6:06 PM

How to share the link of 123Link to Facebook
Facebook blocked the link of 123Link. So, when you share will be blocked by Facebook, or be reported spam.
Do not worry, we will share with you how to share 123Link's links from spam!

Published on: 11/23/17, 8:51 PM

When your account reaches the minimum amount of $25.00 or more, you may request your earnings by clicking the above button. The payment is then sent to your PayPal account during business days no longer than 7 days after requesting (usually within 24 hours).

Published on: 6/28/17, 3:46 AM

If you have a website with 100's or 1000's of links you want to change over to 123Link.

Simply copy-and-paste the code on to your webpage or blog and the links will be updated automatically!

You can add or remove any domains for the code that you use on your website.

Published on: 6/27/17, 3:38 PM

As you know, link reduction is a simple, easy way to make money online. But are you wondering how to trim down the best, most reputable, and most profitable online link? Come to

Here, we'll show you how to create a new account on

Published on: 6/27/17, 2:55 PM